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The Business Card of My Dreams

Sometimes trying to start your own business or side hustle is rather exciting. Other times you just get these giant face palm moments that make you second guess your entire decision-making process as an adult human being.

Today, I got the business cards that I made last week. Yes, the cards in which I officially proclaim that I am offering up nothing other than writing and editing services. I swear I’ve checked the design and spelling multiple times on Vistaprint. I know these are the cards I want and I’m so excited to start handing them out. I run upstairs, tear open the box and examine the card I was so proud to have made and guess what I see? Yes, that’s right, a typo folks.

A freaking typo.

In my line of work this is unacceptable.

A good friend of mine who I happen to be texting as I’m looking them over says, “We can totally make it look purposeful! Circle editing in red and fix the digitization. Boom.”

I admire her efforts, and yeah, maybe we can go with the cute irony bit. To me, it just doesn’t feel right. Another version of me would have been horribly upset and hard on myself, and maybe even given up on it for a while. Today, I chose to see this as an opportunity to 1) Slow down and think about what I really want 2) LEARN SOMETHING and move on.

The cards I ordered look cheap and unremarkable, when in my head last week, they were super. I ignored the fact that I didn’t really love the font, and yeah, whatever I don’t need the glossy finish. The more I look at them now that I have them, the more I realize that I went about this all wrong. I shouldn’t settle, and cheap out on myself. It’s not like I plan to pay like 100$ for cards, but I should have shopped my options on a few websites, made a few designs and sprung for the gloss that I wanted. (I’m an Aries, I’m impetuous, god help me).

Mistakes and disappointments are often blessings in disguise. Today I not only made new much more awesome business cards, I also updated my website, and wrote this blog post, which is something I’ve been meaning to get back into for a long time. I’m not thinking of these worthless business cards as wasted money, time, and effort, but instead picturing them as a rough draft. A steppingstone necessary to get to that place I needed to be, which is the card I actually wanted and thought I didn’t deserve.

Metaphoric for most everything in life? Probably.

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