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Fun with Adobe Spark

One of the best parts of my job is getting to play around with new teaching/technology sharing tools. Yesterday my coworker introduced me to Adobe Spark, which is kind of similar to Canva for designing flyers and social media posts, but can also develop other types of pages that, in my opinion, work really well for digital storytelling. There are free and paid versions of Spark, for me I'll be ok with the free one, but some people might take it a step further if it was going to be used for super heavy marketing purposes.

So of course because I'm me, I made a digital story using pictures of Kermit the frog in which I think my upcoming travel anxiety has made itself really present. Check it out, it's super short, but if the story comes true about my upcoming trip I'll probably be pretty happy. Even if you don't bother, at least you found out about a new tool that you can use in lieu of a boring power point presentation.

As the kids say, Thank you for attending my Ted Talk...

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