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A super short post on Carver

A long time ago a friend recommended a book to me and I wrote it down in a long list of phone notes that got buried below some kind of shopping list, or random thought poem. Over a year later somebody else recommended the exact same book to me, and it all came rushing back to me that I was supposed to get to it so very long ago. I stopped messing around and ordered it before the holiday break, and I read it during my time off.

The book is Cathedral by Raymond Carver.

Carver writes the most depressing, realistic, and concise short stories that I have ever read, and I’m crazy about them. Many of his male mains are terrible drinkers and most of the stories have lots of swigs of drinks and smoking of cigarettes, which is one of my favorite things. As boring and everyday as his scenes may seem, he peppers them with odd images, such as peacocks playing with babies, an explosive reaction of gibberish from a hospital bed, a fat man who orders food while referring to himself as “we”. I highly recommend if you are looking for something short, yet powerful to start out your new reading year.

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