just your local neighborhood librarian here...

Pre-pandemic I worked in public and academic libraries, recently leaving to focus on metadata/cataloging virtual work. My oldest love is the written word, and the ability it has to effect people. I'm mixing it with my newest love, digital publishing and outreach.

My blog ranges from book reviews, to personal experiences, to what it's like being an information professional, and the triumphs and tribulations I have in this venture into the world of publishing and writing.

On top of blogging and piecing together poems, essays, and some longer fiction works, there is also the old side hustle. Through this site I offer editing & feedback, digitization & metadata services, as well as research assistance. What are you looking for? Let me help you find it.

I dabble in both the creative and academic. I've helped students with dissertation editing, small colleges with APA formatting for syllabi, and independent contractors with grant research. Contact me with a project idea and let's talk.